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Mighty Bugs

Now that children are starting to run circles around their parents, it is important to introduce some structure into their lives to harness their creativity!

MightyBugs is the perfect follow-on class to MiniBugs, where we start to follow more of a fun
story-style format which also includes songs and nursery rhymes.

Children are encouraged to develop their creative imagination in a safe environment. Their
self-confidence will begin to increase as we encourage them to be vocal and interact with one another and the teacher.

Children will start to develop their independence and realise their own abilities through our specially designed moves. In addition action songs and rhymes contribute to their language development.

At this age parents are still asked to participate in the classes, after all, it’s not fair if the children have all the fun!

Class Overview
Age: 2 - 3½ Years

Length: 45 minutes

Warm up followed by a YogaBugs adventure featuring specially designed moves, action songs and nursery rhymes incorporated into a story. Finishes with relaxation period.

Full parent/carer involvement is required in this class.

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