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What Is Yogabugs
What Is Yogabugs
What Is Yogabugs
What Is Yogabugs
What Is Yogabugs

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The       Yoga      Bugs Impact and Change Programme has been designed to improve children’s emotional and physical literacy, which helps to make a significant impact on the school and its results. When designing the programme, attainment targets, aims and objectives were taken from the National Curriculum.

The Impact and Change Programme runs for a whole year, we work with your children, teachers, support staff and parents to ensure that children receive the full impact from our programme and you get to see a real change. 

We spark the imagination and creativity in children while incorporating recognised Yoga postures. These assist with calming and clearing the mind, stretching and improving development in limbs and muscles, building confidence, improving concentration and making a big impact on children’s overall development and well-being.

We integrate Speaking and Listening, Physical, Social and Health Education (PSHE) and Physical Education (PE) to ensure that children are given the opportunity to meet their full potential.
The programme targets ten main areas based on social, emotional, physical, behavioural and PSHE skills.

YogaBugs has improved concentration during lessons and helped to build confidence. They love the story telling.” Head Teacher at Ryecroft School

Impact and change data

Our goal is to improve the overall well-being of a child and this is achieved by utilising several approaches and techniques.

The main ingredients of the programme are the adventures, which form the backbone of our classes. The stories provide stimulus for the imagination and the premises of our vision.

We use well known key texts regularly used within schools and bespoke class plans written by our creative team.

As well as being an excellent physical activity, the Impact and Change programme develops children’s skills in all the targeted areas. 


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