YogaBugs School Clubs

YogaBugs offers a number of fantastic clubs in schools, including a breakfast club, lunch club and after school clubs.

What are the Benefits?

YogaBugs is an all-inclusive and non-competitive activity and is a great way to engage less ‘sporty’ children into exercise as well as support ‘sporty’ children with children with building muscles and preventing injury.
  • Our Breakfast Clubs help children start the day in a positive way, giving them more focus for the day ahead

  • Our Lunch Clubs are fantastic for targeted groups of children as additional emotional and physical support

  • Our After School Clubs supports your school in offering a variety of sports and gives the opportunity to engage more children in sports

What is it?

YogaBugs clubs are available for children in reception to year 6; split into Early Years/Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2.

Our clubs include a yoga warm up, breathing techniques, a fun adventure or theme and games.

As always our session will finish with some much needed relaxation and mindfulness.

What’s Involved?

Breakfast and after school clubs are 45 mins – 1 hour.

These clubs can be funded through pupil premium or or we can take bookings directly from parents through our state of the art booking system.

We have literature available to help promote the club in your school and we can offer a free interactive assembly to showcase the club to children and parents

Lunch clubs are for two groups of children, running 30 mins back to back and must be funded through the school.

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Yoga in schools