Frequently Asked Questions for YogaBugs Virtual for families on Free School Meals

How much will it cost me?

Nothing – it is completely FREE. YogaBugs and your council have partnered to give you this great opportunity for free.

How will it help my family?


There are so many ways YogaBugs can help your family. Breathing and relaxation techniques help children and adults feel calm, which will help improve sleeping patterns. Resources and online training workshops will and give you and your children tools to deal with your emotions. Videos are fun and engaging, so children will have a fun experience of exercise.

Who can access the YogaBugs virtual videos and resources?


Any parent/carer who is in receipt of benefit related Free School Meals, who has received an email from their school or council with a unique code for access. This code cannot be shared with anyone else.

How long will I be able to access the YogaBugs virtual videos and resources?

Access will be given from 1st December 21 – 28th Feb 2022

How can I access YogaBugs virtual videos and resources?

Click on the link from your email, register a new account, enter the requested details and enter the unique eCode from your email.

How long are the videos?

The videos range in length from mini 10-minute chair based classes to 60 minute full length videos for older children. For children aged 3 – 5, the max length is 30 minutes.

The adult yoga and relaxation sessions range from 5 – 30 minutes.


What age are they suitable for?


The videos are categorised by age and are aimed 3 – 12 years, however older siblings are welcome to take part in the videos.

Can my child with SEN take part?


Absolutely! Although YogaBugs Virtual was not specifically created for children with SEN, children of all abilities can try our videos as children can progress at their own pace.  You may want to start with the shorter videos first.