YogaBugs is Donating £1 Million worth of YogaBugs Virtual to primary schools across 10 of the most deprived councils across England.

There is a huge issue across the country with Mental Health conditions increasing in children at primary schools; with COVID-19 being a major factor to this.

Research from Teacher’s unions also shows a big increase in staff mental health conditions, as a result of added pressure and dealing with children’s mental health.

At YogaBugs, we want to make a change and we are on a mission to support children and staff in primary schools, so we are donating £1MILLION worth of our Virtual programme across 10 of the most deprived council areas in the country.

What is YogaBugs Virtual?

An online yoga and mindfulness programme for the whole school.

The platform includes over 100 age appropriate YogaBugs videos for nursery – year 6, classroom yoga videos and mindfulness activities and resources for staff/parents to support their mental health and well-being and increase their knowledge.

YogaBugs Virtual is an affordable and sustainable option for schools to support everyone’s mental health and well-being.