MiniBugs parent and toddler classes are a great introduction yoga and movement and help children through their development milestones.

It is a programme specifically for early year’s children, providing early intervention for mental health conditions and helping develop children physically.

Our yoga classes for children start to introduce mindfulness techniques through simple breathing, relaxation and visualisations, which help children feel calm and relaxed. 

We introduce basic movements inspired by yoga and combine exciting journeys that enable children to develop and strengthen their muscles and motor skills. Classes encourage balance and coordination which supports and enhances a child’s ability to grow and develop in the best possible way.

We tell stories and sing rhymes, which encourages language and social development.  Storytelling is crucial in a child’s development; we live our lives through narrative and the earlier that children start the better.

MiniBugs classes are fun and exciting – and children love them!

In Nurseries, MiniBugs is part of our ‘Tools for life Programme’; Our classes typically last one hour, working with two groups in two half an hour session back-to-back, allowing your Nursery to include more children in the programme!

Yoga for kids has huge benefits physically and mentally.