SATs preparation Course

Sats preparation

SATs can be a particularly stressful time for children and staff members, but learning breathing, relaxation and mindfulness techniques can help keep everyone feel calm and more focussed over the exam period.

92% of schools increased their SATs results

Benefits for Children and Teachers

  • Improved SATs results due to more focused children
  • Children and teachers will be more prepared for SATs
  • Children and teachers will learn techniques to help them cope with stress & anxiety
  • Children will be able to focus for longer periods
  • Children will have more confidence to try and give their best answers
  • Teachers will feel less anxious, which in turn helps de-stress the classroom environment
  • Children’s behaviour is better in the classroom and on the playground
  • Children and teachers have better logical thinking
  • Children and teacher’s motivation is inspired by positive thinking and changing the ‘mindset’
Primary school SATS

What is it?

YogaBugs SATs Preparation courses run with Year 2 and/or Year 6 groups to help children and teachers deal with any stress, anxiety or other mental health conditions they may face in the build up to SATs exams. In modern society, children and teachers can feel pressures from a number of forces, including parents, peers, themselves and schools, to perform to a high level in exams – SATs Preparation courses teach children and teachers breathing, visualisation and relaxation techniques to help develop their mindfulness and focus on blocking out stress and anxiety.

Staff Training / Workshops

To run alongside this programme, we also offer staff training in relaxation and mindfulness techniques to deliver to the children to enhance what we are teaching.

We also offer a health and wellbeing workshops for staff to learn techniques for their own stress management.

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What is involved?

SATs Preparation Courses include a minimum of one hour session once a week for 10 weeks in the build up to SATs. Some schools opt for the final session of the course to fall during SATs week to further calm their children. Each session combines yoga inspired movements to calm the body, with breathing, relaxation, visualisation and meditation techniques to help children feel calm and focussed.

The techniques taught to children will also help them in later life, as they will be able to remember and use the techniques to deal with future stress and anxious periods, including the transition to Junior/Secondary school.