Bespoke school child development programme that supports the whole school’s mental health & well-being

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What are the benefits to the school?

  • Teachers will learn techniques to manage stress
  • No yoga experience needed to run a class
  • Help towards achieving PE targets
  • All children can participate from £5 per class
  • Parents access for remote learning

What are the benefits to the children?

  • Help children manage their emotions
  • Improve children’s concentration
  • Build children’s self esteem
  • Improve children’s behaviour
  • Improve children’s balance, coordination & core strength
  • Children will feel calm & relaxed
Our pre-recorded virtual Yoga classes are delivered in HD and easy to access online through a dedicated school portal. Teachers will have access to 120 videos, mindfulness resources and training.
Classes for early years and KS1 are delivered through exciting stories and adventures that link to curriculum topics
For children in KS2 we deliver the sessions through themes that link to the curriculum, whilst also teaching children about their bodies and what they can achieve through yoga.
"It is noticeable that already they are much more confident in the poses and exercises." Fleetwood Lane Primary School Mark Eggleton - PE Lead/Yr 6 teacher


The children love YogaBugs virtual and follow the process really well with it being a teacher on the screen. We have found that when doing the sessions, the children are not as reliant on the staff, which gives both the staff and pupils a short break.
We have found the school portal really easy to use, and it is nicely signposted. With a cinematic approach. We like that the relaxation and warm up sessions are separate from the main classes on the portal because it allows us to utilise them throughout the day. The relaxation sessions are a great way to refocus the children when they need it at different times of the day. The sun salutation is great for stretching and our school physio has found this really helpful with our children, and we have seen an improvement in flexibility.
We have seen concentration improve, more of our children can follow the classes now from when we first began them. Concentration has improved in the classroom since using these sessions, which therefore is improving behaviour.
This programme can be embedded into the curriculum which makes it sustainable for the school. We did not find the programme overpriced and it has a lot of content, not only for the children but our staff as well! The fact that the programme has an area which focussing on the parents was a positive to us purchasing the programme.
Amy Baxter- Assistant Head
Carlton Digby Special School
We have found that our children have responded really well to the virtual teacher and have a real connection with them. The portal is really easy to use and user friendly. All of the sessions are easy to access. We have found the sound quality good even in a school hall and we were impressed by the sharpness of the sessions on a interactive whiteboard.
We were able to slot the sessions into our timetable with ease, especially as we had made SMEH a priority in our school returning from COVID. The programme has allowed us to identify those children who were super anxious. Our teachers have seen greater flexibility in our pupils, and their ability to sit and listen, along with concentration in the class room has improved greatly.
We purchased this programme using sports premium money, but it is so much more than sports! It is also hitting areas of mindfulness and SEMH within our school. It has been more than worth the money!
I feel that we are getting back on track as a school and YogaBugs has been a massive part of that!
Helen Goulder- Headteacher
Croughton All Saints CE Primary School