YogaBugs Clubs

YogaBugs proudly works with schools to offer breakfast and after school clubs. Clubs are open to children from Reception – Year 6; children will learn yoga moves, breathing and relaxation techniques.

YogaBugs is an all-inclusive and non-competitive activity and is a great way to engage less ‘sporty’ children into exercise as well as support ‘sporty’ children with children with building muscles and preventing injury.

YogaBugs clubs for Reception, Year 1 & Year 2

Children love YogaBugs! Our club uses stories and imagination to engage children, they will fly like a bird, explore the jungle or swim with dolphins. Children act out the story through yoga and hardly realise they are exercising at all. We use familiar stories and teach children through play. Our clubs will include fun games and always finish with relaxation to encourage children to feel calm.

YogaBugs clubs for Year 3 - 6

For older children we use exciting themes that teach children about their bodies, their muscles and what they can achieve. Children will strengthen their muscles and increase their flexibility through a range of yoga poses that will challenge them emotionally and physically. Children will enjoy the calming aspect of the breathing and relaxation which is included in every club session.

Clubs are either fully or partly funded via the school or booked online with the Bugs Group booking system.

Calming kids yoga