Bespoke nursery child development programme that supports the whole nursery’s mental health & well-being.
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Bespoke for nurseries

Our pre-recorded virtual Yoga classes are delivered in HD and easy to access online through a dedicated nursery portal. Nursery practitioners will have access to 30 videos, mindfulness resources and training.

Classes are delivered through exciting stories and adventures that link to the Early Years Foundation Stage – keeping children engaged as they act out the story through yoga.

Classes are fun, engaging and interactive, helping children learn & develop through play

What are the benefits to the nursery?

  • Nursery practitioners will learn techniques to manage stress
  • No yoga experience needed to run a class
  • Cheaper than bringing an external provider in
  • Access for parents from home
  • Runs alongside the EYFS and helps achieve early learning goals

What are the benefits to the children?

  • Help children manage their emotions
  • Improve children’s concentration
  • Build children’s self esteem
  • Improve children’s behaviour
  • Improve children’s balance, coordination & core strength
  • Children will feel calm & relaxed
Yoga through stories

What's included in the package?

  • A year’s licence to run virtual YogaBugs in your nursery
  • Access to 30 pre-recorded virtual YogaBugs sessions
  • Virtual mindfulness training and resources for staff and activities for children
  • Online certificate templates for ‘star of the day’, ‘star of the term’, ‘most improved’, ‘best attitude’
  • Online library of all yoga poses
  • Parent Portal – access to YogaBugs videos, workshops and mindfulness resources
  • 24 hour access to our support team for any questions
  • Report template to track children’s physical and emotional progression
Yoga in nursery
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