Yoga’d Up for 8 – 13 years

Yoga’d Up classes are structured to appeal to an age group who want to be physically challenged, mentally stimulated and entertained.

Classes include a variety of challenging postures, partner work and fun Yoga’d Up games. All of which help increase children’s strength, balance, flexibility and coordination.

Children’s yoga classes are perfect for supporting them with other sports and helping to prevent injury as well appealing to less sporty children who are looking for a non-competitive form of exercise.

Our kid’s yoga classes promote mindfulness by incorporating breathing, relaxation, visualisation and meditation techniques.

All of these help children learn coping strategies to deal with different emotions, as they start to feel calmer they will sleep better and have more focus at school.

Yoga and mindfulness can help children deal every day anxieties and help to prevent mental health conditions. The combination of all these ingredients help and support children through a time of pre-teen change and beyond to adolescence.