Through regular use of YogaBugs virtual, children will develop an improvement in concentration, which in turn improves behaviour. Through building self confidence with our sessions, children start to believe in themselves, improving behaviour both inside and outside of the classroom.

With hundreds of visualisations, mindfulness & breathing exercises, which helps children regulate their emotions & improves behaviour.

Feedback from schools has proven that children are ready to learn with better behaviour after using these sessions, which also contributes to reducing staff stress.

Behaviour has an impact on school grades; by targeting behaviour within school,  grades will improve and contributes towards better Ofsted results.

Listening skills & concentration

Our platform has 120+ hall-based sessions & 100+ classroom sessions, which help to improve children’s listening skills as they focus on the instructions from our teacher on screen.

Balancing poses teach children to focus & listening skills are required to participate. Concentration techniques teach children to focus their mind on the task at hand.

Improved concentration results in better behaviour. This dramatically improves learning enabling children to develop new skills. Good concentration improves memory retention, which children need for exams. Children who concentrate sleep well, improved sleep means better behaviour.

Book a meeting explore our resources to learn how you can seamlessly incorporate YogaBugs virtual into your school’s curriculum.

Children regulating emotions

YogaBugs virtual gives children essential tools for recognising, understanding, and managing emotions. The platform has many breathing & relaxation exercises which teachers can use anytime.

These exercises help control emotions and how to express them. By taking part in our sessions, children release stress through physical activity. They learn to control their behaviour, which results in better participation in the classroom.

Increased self esteem improves learning, which in turn improves results for the school. Children are able to self-regulate, build resilience and improve their overall wellbeing.

The platform is available to children and parents at home to build on their improvements made in school.

Mental Health

Incorporating YogaBugs virtual into your school lays a strong foundation for mental wellness. Through our sessions, children develop essential skills to manage stress, anxiety & emotional challenges. These tools not only enhance self esteem but also empower children to have a positive outlook and build greater resilience.

With the mental health of children the highest it’s ever been, it’s vitally important to incorporate a programme which teaches children to regulate emotions, giving them fundamental techniques they can take into adulthood.

YogaBugs contributes to reduced classroom stress, improved relationships, and an inclusive, uplifting atmosphere. This also carries over into home life with the platform available for children and parents.

Book a meeting to explore our resources to learn how you can seamlessly integrate YogaBugs virtual into your school’s approach to mental health.


Using YogaBugs as part of your PSHE sessions helps to release day-to-day anxieties. Through our physical sessions, children are taught to express themselves positively.

Children will learn how to manage stress through our yoga sessions, breathing exercises, relaxation and mindfulness techniques; which all help to build confidence, resilience and reduce anxiety.

By implementing YogaBugs virtual to help tackle anxiety, the platform will improve behaviour, improve social skills & develop friendships, ease aggression and make children happier overall.