YogaBugs Virtual

Online yoga & mindfulness platform offering real solutions for mental health

YogaBugs online yoga & mindfulness platform includes:

  • Mental health/wellbeing strategy
  • Easy implement into your curriculum
  • Links to PSHE and PE curriculum
  • Strategies to support children’s mental health & wellbeing in your school
  • Tools to help children regulate emotions
  • Improved listening skills, concentration & behaviour
  • Stress relief strategies for your staff
  • Full SEND training programme for teachers

Why is it important to support mental health in your school?

Children will not learn if not mentally ready, creating disruptive behaviours & stressed out teachers.

Mental Health is closely linked with SEND, and with mental health in children increasing, as are SEND levels within schools across the country.

Supporting children’s mental health is vital to the success of your school and for building children’s resilience.

Did you know: 1 in 5 children are affected by mental health

NHS figures show nearly half a million young people are referred for mental health problems every month; early intervention is key.

We help you meet PSHE & PE targets as well as supporting children with SEND.

YogaBugs helps children build resilience and coping strategies for life.


Classes for EYFS and KS1 are delivered through exciting stories and adventures that link to curriculum topics & key text keeping the children engaged. These stories allow for learning through play and cross curricular learning. Breathing and relaxation techniques are entwinted into all sessions.


For children in KS2 we deliver the sessions through curriculum themes & topics; again allowing for cross curricular learning. Children will be challenged emotionally and physically through classroom and hall based yoga sessions, breathing and relaxation techniques.

Want a quote, virtual meeting or a tour of the platform?

Want a quote, virtual meeting or a tour of the platform?