Coming out of a global pandemic what are we actually doing to tackle our children’s mental health? There has always been a stigma talking about mental health and the struggles some might be facing, but this is something that needs to change.

We’re all aware that Yoga has been around for thousands of years and has many physical and mental health benefits… At YogaBugs we have curated bespoke child development programmes that can be used as part of the curriculum, PSHEC and PE in primary schools. These programmes can be delivered within the West Midlands and Derby face to face in your school, or we can offer our affordable virtual programme which benefits every pupil, member of staff and parent.

Through these programmes we achieve an average of 40% improvement across all areas mentioned meaning, your school can achieve the following out comes:

Click Here to see an example of our virtual children’s yoga programme.

***If you need help tackling mental health, and want a would like to book a Free Demo Class or trial our virtual programme free, followed by a meeting to discuss how we could help you and your children. Please contact us on or call on 0121 777 7792***

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