By teaching these yoga poses for kids, you can help them to stay active during the winter season. These poses will also keep them warm and energized.

It can be tough to stay active in the winter months, especially for kids. They simply want to curl up under a blanket with screen time. Due to this, physical activities lag in chilly temperatures. However, you and your child can still be active at home even though it’s cold and rainy outdoors.

You can practice a few yoga poses to stay active and take some time away from those screens. Yoga will increase children’s balance, flexibility and co-ordination, which can help them in other sports.

Check out our YogaBugs YouTube channel for meditations you can use at home.

Check out some of the yoga poses you may practice with your child to keep your child warm, energized, and active throughout the winter season:


1. Downward Dog

It engages your core and works several muscles of the body. Additionally, it enhances blood circulation throughout the body, giving you a feeling of energy.

This pose can be approached lying on our tummy and putting our hands under our shoulders and then pressing down into the floor and curling our toes underneath us so that we lift up into an upside-down shape. Otherwise, we can start this posture from all fours. Remember that we press firmly down into all our fingers and keep our arms strong and our shoulders away from our ears. We push our heels to the floor and we remember to keep lifting our bottoms towards the celling and keep our arms and legs strong.

2. Mouse Pose

The ideal pose to relieve stress from your neck, back, and shoulders are this one. It helps to relax the body and boost the sleep cycle.

We sit back on our heels and rest our arms by our side, and put our forehead on the floor. We relax our shoulders which helps us feel calm and still.

yoga teacher demonstrating forward bend pose

3. Forward Bend

Your upper body, including your spine, hamstrings, and back muscles, are all efficiently stretched as you bend forward. This lowers your stress level and encourages exercise.

We stand with our legs together, and then we fold forward, hands down, letting our shoulders and arms feel completely relaxed.

yoga teacher demonstrating forward seated forward bend pose

4. Seated forward bend

The benefits of seated forward bends include improving both physical and mental calmness. Additionally, it increases flexibility and movement.

To make it more fun for kids, you can make a sandwich with this pose! Sit with your legs out in front of you and spread the butter down your legs, which is the bottom layer of the sandwich. Fill the sandwich with goodies from your toes to your thighs. Lean forward to your toes to gobble the sandwich up.

5. Tree pose

This yoga pose can improve stability and balance. It can also strengthen your core and relax muscles.

Standing on both legs, we bend one, while keeping the other really strong. We place our foot on our ankle, lower leg or top of our thigh. Remember you must always try on both legs.

In addition to these yoga postures, you can sit regularly in meditation with your child. They will be able to remain peaceful and stress-free as a result! Check out our YogaBugs YouTube channel for meditations you can use at home.

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