YogaBugs is on a mission to make a difference to children’s and teachers mental health across England.

YogaBugs is giving away £8 million worth of a yoga & mindfulness programme into over 4,000 primary schools across England. This will support over 1million children and over 100,000 staff with their mental health and well-being; aiding early intervention and helping to reduce mental health problems.

We know this won’t solve the whole problem, but we are hoping it will make a significant impact, support early intervention, and help to reduce mental health conditions amongst children and teenagers.  

Early intervention for mental health is key, another reason why we decided to donate our programme. The programme will support children’s mental health by giving children coping strategies that they can use forever. As a result of our research the programme is being continually developed to support all school staff further, by working with teachers to offer them tools and training that they really need to support their mental health & wellbeing.

YogaBugs are currently in talks with LEA’s up and down the country, with the programme already implemented into schools in some areas completely FREE. 

The online children’s yoga sessions are part of a programme that engages children into yoga and mindfulness, it’s fun, interactive, and educational and with it being online, it’s flexible for the school.

The programme doesn’t just support the kids, teachers and school staff’s mental health & wellbeing is just as important, which is why we want to make a change by donating the programme it into primary schools.

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