Is teaching more stressful than other professions?

Looking at the past 2 years, you’d probably be inclined to say, “Yes, absolutely.” School closures, remote learning and staff being placed on the frontline as face-to-face teaching resumed have all put a strain on the profession. With the focus being on education catch up for children, this leads to a greater strain on teacher’s mental health & wellbeing.

The statistics from NASUWT The Teachers’ Union’s Wellbeing Survey 2022, show astonishingly high numbers regarding the mental health of teachers.

87% of teachers have reported an increase in anxiety, with 82% suffering from loss of sleep. 66% of teachers say that their school does not have enough measures in place to monitor and manage stress burn out.

We cannot allow these rates to increase in the way they have, something needs to change! YogaBugs is on a mission to support all teachers across the country with their mental & wellbeing by giving them easy to implement coping strategies and increasing their awareness of not only children’s mental health but their own.

If you’re a teacher who is looking for help and support, we would love to hear from you, comment below. Why not speak to your school about a free 7 day trial of our programme.

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