Kids these days are as busy as adults with their school, extracurricular activities, and homework. They are equally stressed, but they cannot express themselves like an adult.

Schools should be focused on providing a holistic education module for a child by incorporating anti-bullying campaigns, positive mental health sessions and most importantly incorporating yoga into their weekly activities.

Yoga is a form of ‘mind-body practice’ that people of all ages can follow. There are many health benefits of yoga for grown-ups that are equally important to our kids, as yoga nurtures the mind, body, and soul, and lays the foundation for a long-lasting tradition of health and wellness.

The benefits of yoga for children stretch far beyond flexibility. 

Yoga for personality development: Personality development happens during childhood, when children experience rapid physical, emotional and intellectual growth. Yoga helps to develop various personality traits that lead to a positive and happy life. For example, a person who practices regular Yoga feels more confident, identifies strengths, communicates effectively, etc.  Practicing Yoga also helps achieve traits and can positively impact your disposition, behaviour, and overall mental health in many ways.

Improves flexibility, strength, and stamina: Yoga confines assorted poses which involve a gradual stretch of muscles that helps to improve the flexibility of various muscle groups of our body. Most Yoga postures are meant to improve kids’ bodies from the inside out. Apart from improving muscle strength, and toning the body, Yoga can also help kids in weight management, and improving their body posture, exuberance, and metabolism. Good physical strength and stamina assist in having a healthy childhood.

Improves Cognitive functioning: Practicing Yoga can help to enhance perception, attention, & short- and long-term memory. Practicing yoga requires a complete sync of both the mind and the body. As Yoga enhances cognitive functioning leading to improved academic achievement, it ultimately helps children become skilful in various tasks.

Strengthen emotional stability: Emotional Intelligence is essential for healthy mental growth. It is the ability to understand and manage your own emotions, and those of the people around you. By practicing yoga regularly feelings and emotions can be dealt with in a positive way. Positive emotions are good for mental health, but negative emotions work as a mental block for the development of children. Yoga education plays a great role in the improvement of our emotional wellbeing. Yoga practice enhances emotional resilience. In early age cultivation of emotions in children will have lifelong impact.

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