Children’s mental health week

This week many of us are celebrating Children’s Mental Health Week and doing our part to pay respects to those with mental struggles, whether that has been through social media or other awareness campaigns. But what are we doing to open the door on this” stigma” and starting conversations on tackling mental health? The prevalence […]

The Education Committee – Mental Health

The Education Committee met yesterday (8th Feb) to question experts on how the pandemic has impacted children’s mental health and wellbeing following disruption to their education and social lives. Lisa Applebee, Managing Director of YogaBugs, children’s yoga and mindfulness company comments: Mental health and well-being of children needs to be taken seriously by the government. […]

Time to Talk Day 3rd Feb 2022

Time to talk day is all about creating supportive communities by having conversations with family, friends, pupils, or colleagues about mental health.  What is mental health? Mental health is how healthy our mind is. We all know when our physical health is suffering, but do we know when our mental health is? Why is talking […]

Children’s Anxiety

Childhood anxiety is one of the most important mental health challenges of our time. One in five children will experience clinical-level anxiety by the time they reach adolescence. Anxiety tends to affect a young person’s body, thoughts, and feelings. They may also behave differently, including turning to certain coping behaviours to try to avoid or […]

Staff Wellbeing

With mental health rising after the COVID-19 pandemic, staff wellbeing is just as important as the children’s! Here are a few YogaBugs effective and tested ways that can help you improve your wellbeing: Sleep well: Our body needs proper sleep and rest to heal and renew the energy to function properly. This healing is essential […]

Yoga and ADHD

Yoga combines physical activity and breath work, with meditation and mindfulness, to improve strength, relaxation, focus and mood management. With an ever-increasing rise in children being diagnosed with ADHD, yoga offers tools that can be used to help reduce hyperactive behaviour and anxiety, improve poor motor coordination and develop self-regulation. Yoga also creates a mind-body connection that many […]

Sleep Difficulties and Relaxing

Almost a third of young people experience sleeping difficulties, according to a new study – a proportion that researchers say has increased from around a quarter in just four years. A study of school-age children, carried out in 2018, found that 35 per cent reported suffering multiple health complaints weekly through sleeping difficulties, with feeling nervous and irritable among the most common. […]

Tackling Mental Health in our Children

Coming out of a global pandemic what are we actually doing to tackle our children’s mental health? There has always been a stigma talking about mental health and the struggles some might be facing, but this is something that needs to change. We’re all aware that Yoga has been around for thousands of years and […]

YogaBugs and Autism

As the identification of autism is on the rise, parents, educators and other professionals continue to be faced with the challenges of supporting children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in the home, school and community settings. Common challenges children with ASD face are difficulty with expressive and receptive communication, sensory integration deficits and social/emotional challenges […]